Rug Drying

Rug Drying in Brisbane

Rug drying is not just a matter of laying the rug out in the sun or hanging it on the line. Slowly and evenly drying your rug is key to a successfully dried rug which is soft to the touch, odour free and looks great on your floor. But there is a knack to it all.

In the main, there are two ways that rugs can be dried.  Most rugs can be hung and rack dried whilst others, depending on their construction, must be dried flat. If that is the case we would require blocking to ensure your Oriental or specialty rug won’t shrink or lose the original shape.

Rack Drying Rugs

Hanging your rug for drying is generally the most efficient and quickest way to remove the moisture that the rugs fibres hold on to deep in the rug. We use our custom drying rack with dedicated air movers directed to all sides of the rugs circulating fresh air all around the front and underside of your rug.  Our rug drying times depends on the initial cleaning method that we chose together with the materials and construction it’s made of. The drying process is monitored and can be sped up or slowed down if it is determined necessary.

Flat Drying Rugs

As noted above, although most rugs can be safely hung for the drying process there are some that we may prefer to use the flat drying process. These are usually the rugs that our experience tells has may have a chance of stretching, warping or shrinking.

While we cannot be certain that this will happen, we would rather rely on our knowledge base and years of experience to make the judgement call. Better safe than sorry is an old cliché that comes to mind. For this we have a dedicated area in which fans direct the air not only over the surface of the rug, but underneath as well (this is absolutely crucial). This drying process of the rug will take longer than rack drying simply due to the decreased air flow around the rug. But we firmly believe it is better to utilise this system than risk any damage to your rug which is some instances, could be irreversible.

Rug Blocking

This is a process that can successfully prevent rugs with a tendency to shrink a little or lose a bit of their shape through the drying process. We have also had success blocking rugs that have been shrunk by previous so called ‘rug cleaners’ with no knowledge or experience with Oriental or specialty rugs.

Now you want to know what the heck is Rug Blocking, right? This is a process where we will attach each side of the rug to our blocking boards ensuring each corner is at a perfect right angle. For best results we prefer to keep the block in place for up to 4 days. In some instance we may decide to add a starch to the back of the rug to help it maintain the shape when taken off the blocking boards. For this reason, some of the rugs we block are done so with the pile side facing down.

Pile Nap

All rugs have a ‘nap’ (or pile) which means that the fibres lay in a particular direction. So during the drying process while the rugs are a little damp we will lay the fibres in that direction using specific brushes so that when the rug is completely dry, the fibres are lying in the appropriate direction and has a massive effect on the overall finished appearance of any rug style.

Rug Protection

Only after rugs are dried do we apply the optional fine fabric protector which will help protect the rug from future soils as well as potential stain spots and spills. Ask us if your rug would be suitable for the Protection process.

Specialists will gently and thoroughly clean your area rug before applying your choice of rug protection treatments that will protect your rug from stains like wine, coffee, juice and pet accidents. Our cleaning solutions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe for your family and your pets!

Whether your rugs need a clean or maybe they have got wet from an internal water overflow or rain damage, give us a call first because you can rest assured that your rug is in good hands with us.

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