Rug Repairs Brisbane

Rug Repair Services Brisbane

If your rug has suffered from an accidental tear you must not leave it on the floor to allow the damage to worsen. If you are unable to have it repaired at the time, roll it up and store it in a dry place. However, this is only a temporary option as it will deteriorate further while stored due to rodent nesting and heat moisture.

It is a familiar story that we hear from clients who have a rug that has suffered some damage and they have left it on the floor for ‘a couple of days’ while they organise a rug repair service. Unfortunately it could be weeks later that the rug is still on the floor and the damage has worsened. We urge you to take action immediately and call us. We can give you advice on how to store the rug in the interim until you can get it repaired. Or, we can come and take a look at the damage and give you a quote if the damage is not too serious or we can take it back to our warehouse, inspect the rug and provide you with a written quote.

Aside from rips and tears the majority of the repair work we see consists of selvedge (the edge that prevents unravelling), hemstitch or fringe repair.

  • Selvedge issues occur when one or more sides of the rug have become loose and frayed and the cotton foundation threads are exposed. In this case we will run a continuous loop down the length of the side of the rug using the appropriate yarn.
  • We often find that the ends of a rug are also torn by vacuum cleaners. When this happens there is nothing to stop each hand-tied knot from working itself free. In order to secure the end and stop further damage a hemstitch will be required.
  • For rugs with a fringe that is severely or completely ruined we find that some clients prefer a new fringe to be sewn on rather than us running a hemstitch. For fringes with slight damage, we can effect hand-made repairs on individual threads and weaves.

Rug Repair Services Brisbane

Reselvedging (an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it from unravelling)

Hem Stitching to prevent knot loss on the ends

Repairing tears

Adding hanging loops for wall display

Replacing fringe

Repairing insect damage from moths or carpet beetles

Re-weaving (where possible)

With rug repairs it is common to think that the damage is only minor and you will attend to it at some point in the future. We have found that this is very seldom the case. We know that minor damage can quickly turn into a serious and expensive repair if not attended to immediately.

If you have ‘minor’ damage to your rug, why not give us a call and tell us about it and we can soon tell you whether you need to do something about it or not.

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