Rug Restorations Brisbane

Rug Restoration Brisbane

There are beautiful rugs in Australian homes many of which are hand woven and are very valuable either in dollar terms, beauty, or for sentimental attachments. There are also many of those rugs that have lost most of their former glory. That’s where we come in – let us restore your rug to its former glory.

As the years roll by your beautiful rug slowly loses its original glory and the degeneration is so slow that we fail to notice it. That is until we happen upon a photo that was taken years ago showing your rug as it looked back then. Shock, horror, how did this happen? It is not because you haven’t kept it clean, it’s down to the fact that it has sat on the floor with various foot traffic of many years, subjected to grit, spillages, and not so clean shoes which has slowly caused  the prime to be worn away.

All is not lost. We can restore 99% of the rugs that we take in. We will bring back the colours, the pile bounce, the shape, the perfect fringe and the flawless edging.

Specialists will first evaluate your rug and determine the best steps to take and what is required for the complete restoration. Rugs will be colour tested and fibres checked for strengths and weaknesses. Worn pile areas will be evaluated for rejuvenation or potential re-weaving. Fringes and hem edges will be meticulously checked for break-away or ravelling imperfections. This process can take a couple of hours or many hours depending on the rugs composite and the level of degeneration. Once the rug restoration requirements have been determined, and if requested, we can provide a written report and quotation.

Let us care for your rug as you do. Call us with any questions you may have. We are more than happy to chat with you about any rug restoration service you may require.

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